The industry’s first agriculture-focused
full-stack AI company.

Powered by our design-driven innovation process, our integrated team of scientists and engineers have been building transformative solutions since 2011 to solve some of the most complex challenges. AIRM is the industry’s first full-stack AI company with specialization in the world’s largest industry – agriculture.

We have built a technology and services platform to enable companies to accelerate AI adoption at every step. We reinvent business models, accelerate process automation, boost data analytics and insights, and redesign experiences.

Let AIRM help reshape your future.

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Creativity meets Analytical: The meeting of the left and right brain.

We bring more than just the extreme technical capabilities of data science. We add value by emphasizing creativity and subject matter expertise through our hybrid 'purple teams' – the right balance of red and blue skills - the unicorns of the analytical world. The future of data science demands softer skills in applying data science to solving business problems, going beyond a deep understanding of the technical side and understanding output. Our diversity of thought and cross-pollination of ideas is our secret to meaningful transformation. Let us help solve your business challenge and show you true innovation.

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Transformative solutions, leveraging data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

AIRM brings extreme technical capabilities, a creative and collaborative approach, and deep expertise in science and engineering to push forward in solving some of the most difficult AI and ML challenges. We are particularly proud of our focus in strengthening the agriculture sector and helping to feed the world into the future.

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Powered by expertise

Our dedicated team of highly-qualified PhD’s and MSc’s in the areas of actuarial science, agribusiness, data science, economics, engineering, and statistics, accelerate innovation. We bring a diverse set of R&D expertise, scientific rigor, and strong knowledge of state-of-the-art AI and IoT to design, build, and deploy innovative solutions.

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Proprietary data and ML-based methods

Our proprietary database of geospatiotemporal EO, climate, and precision agriculture event data provides an extensive training database for a variety of opportunities. We design, develop, and deploy custom solutions that leverage advanced AI approaches to significantly accelerate the R&D and implementation process.

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Insurance and risk management specialists

Simply put, our expert team of actuaries and data scientists know insurance and risk management. We bring together artificial intelligence and the internet of things to create AIoT disruptive solutions for insurance. We offer the power of having real-time IoT data combined with AI algorithms to design, develop, and deploy brand new insurance and risk management products. Be confident with risk models and analytics, develop critical risk insights, and improve business outcomes.

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Computer vision

Leverage our custom deep learning solutions to extract the most from images, identifying, segmenting, and tracking objects, with applications in agriculture and beyond.

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Digital technology solutions

Our designers and developers have unmatched depth of expertise. We bring customer experience to the forefront and support end-to-end solutions with transformative digital technology for real-time dynamic pricing, insights, and decision-making. AIRM can help you scale up your next AI solution.

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Human-centered approach

Putting people first is a business imperative. AIRM is committed to bringing a human-centered approach to leveraging the disruptive power of AI, and looking beyond what the data shows, always considering what people think and feel.

AIRM Divisions

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Subject-matter expertise in areas such as actuarial science, insurance and risk management, data science, and engineering. Our consultants are dedicated to providing knowledge and expertise to help clients uncover new capabilities and solutions.

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Research & Development

Our engineers and data scientists help conduct research, develop concepts, create prototypes, and verify and validate models and designs to deeply accelerate speed to market. AIRM’s team is capable of the most advanced technology solutions, spanning the agriculture, insurance, and manufacturing sectors, situating us to bring innovation to almost any scientific or engineering challenge.

digital solution hub

Digital Solutions

Custom application software design and development to support AI implementation to deliver intelligent solutions across insurance, risk management, and decision support industries and applications.